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Fits true to size Normally the sizes are way off for waist trainers. This one fits true to size!! Its surprisingly comfortable as well!

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Amazing Great product! I'm so excited with this product I love the material and the style.I really recommend it.

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What I think about the waist trainer I bought a waist trainer and I love it. I lost some weight just in 3 weeks. I’m glad I bought it cause I helps so well and it’s very flexible. I’ll advise other people to use it if they want to lose weight.

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How Soon Can I Expect To See Results From Waist Training?

How Soon Can I Expect To See Results From Waist Training?

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You just bought a waist trainer for the first time, so the biggest question on your mind right now is: When can I expect to see results?

Most wish for a one-size-fits-all answer to this question, but as you will soon learn, the answer depends on your goals as an individual. Let us divide your goals into the two most popular ones:

Instant Slimming:

Is your aim to attain a perfect figure for a special event, such as a wedding, graduation, date night or any other occasion which may be a few days or weeks away? If yes, then wearing a waist trainer will come in handy. High-compression latex waist trainers have the ability to slim your waistline by up to 1 to 3 inches instantly when worn. You can see countless feedbacks from women in their own admission benefiting from the instant slimming effect of wearing waist trainers. The instant slimming effect, however, isn't the same for everyone! Some women realize their ideal figure in a day, others in a couple of weeks and while others a month or two to see their desired results. The key here is that an ideal figure for one person is not the same ideal figure for another.

Long-Term Slimming:

If you have the luxury of time and the discipline to pursue a long-term more permanent slimming journey, then you will need to complement waist training with proper dieting, exercising, and all-around healthy living. Your genetic composition has a significant role to play here as well. All things being equal, dieting, exercising and waist training will permanently transform your body figure within months. But because all things are never equal, no one can accurately predict how long your transformation process will take. The best we can do is to explain how waist training works so that you can use that understanding to figure out how you can leverage its slimming effect.

How Will You Achieve The Best Waist Training Results?

As we mentioned earlier, waist training involves wearing a high-compression latex garment around your midsection with the aim of compressing the waist into a slimmer size. In our case, the garment of choice is a waist trainer.

Your waist training journey can take two courses, again depending on your goals. You can either:

Wear Your Waist Trainer During Workouts

This waist training regimen works by stimulating heat around your midsection during your workout sessions, enhancing sweat around your belly. This means that you’ll burn more fat or calories when wearing a waist trainer during workouts than without. If you compliment that with proper dieting, you will be able to lose weight and achieve your ideal body shape faster and effectively. There is a downside to this regimen, though. Wearing a waist trainer for a one (1) hour workout session or even shorter means that you will spend over 95 percent of your day with a relaxed tummy, which necessitates baggy clothes. If you are like most people, seeing immediate results (such as your favorite dress fitting on your body perfectly) is the greatest motivation in this waist slimming journey. In this case, you only get this motivation 5 percent of the time and can easily get discouraged for the larger part of the day.

Wearing A Waist Trainer All Day

Instead of wearing your waist trainer only when working out, you can decide to have it on at all times, or at least from morning to evening, no more than 6-8 hours at a time. Your waist shrinks a few inches for the entire day, and that enables you to fit in your clothes. If you can supplement this regimen by working out with the waist trainer on and dieting, you should be able to get your desired results much faster. It will help you to burn more calories both during and after workout sessions: A well-tucked midsection will generate heat and perspiration from mild physical exercises such as walking and stretching. This regimen has many benefits compared to the above. It limits the amount of food that you can eat in a single sitting, which consequently helps you to develop a healthy eating routine. Eating huge portions of food is a major cause of weight gain, remember? Secondly, wearing a corset all day long makes your tummy shrink towards your desired size, and that motivates you to keep going.

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Is it Viable to Combine the Two Regimens?

Yes; it is viable and advisable to start by wearing your trainer during  workouts and then gradually transition to wearing it all day. The first regimen has fewer benefits than the second, but it gives you the best platform for a beginner as you start your waist training journey. As you would imagine, wearing a compression garment can be very uncomfortable and restraining at first. That’s why it’s recommended that you start by wearing it for only an hour or two per day for the 1st week and then ease into it gradually. It is normal to feel like you need a break from the training from time to time so if that happens to you, don't shy from taking a break for a day or two. With the right commitment, you will be able to comfortably wear your trainer for up to 6 to 8 hours per day within the first month of training. The comfort levels will increase day by day until the compression feels natural whether in casual or formal outfits. The bottom line here is to avoid pushing yourself to full speed when your body is yet to adapt to lengthy midsection compression and to avoid the temptation of skipping training days or wearing your trainer for short stretches. You will reap bigger rewards through patience and commitment.

Other Factors That Affect Your Waist Training Results:

Your Weight

The closer you are to your ideal weight, the slower your weight loss process will be and vice versa. Being physically fit means that your slimming range is small, sometimes too small to notice any changes. The more fitness activities you indulge in, the more effective your waist training will be. It will be counter-productive if you wear a waist trainer everyday but still eat junk food, overeat, and fail to exercise. Sticking to a healthy diet and working out regularly alongside your waist training regimen, on the other hand, will give you better and faster results.

Your Body Shape

If you are curvy, you are likely to achieve faster results compared to when you are petite bodied. There’s no cause for alarm though because there is a waist trainer tailored explicitly for each body type. Steel-boned corsets, for example, works well for petite bodies while those with three rows of eyelets works well with curvy women. What's more, getting the perfect waist trainer for your body type will not only slim your waist but also correct your posture.

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