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JJackie L
Verified Purchase

Fits true to size Normally the sizes are way off for waist trainers. This one fits true to size!! Its surprisingly comfortable as well!

Glenda T.
Verified Purchase

Amazing Great product! I'm so excited with this product I love the material and the style.I really recommend it.

Harmony M
Verified Purchase

What I think about the waist trainer I bought a waist trainer and I love it. I lost some weight just in 3 weeks. I’m glad I bought it cause I helps so well and it’s very flexible. I’ll advise other people to use it if they want to lose weight.

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How long before I see results?

You may see results as soon as the the first time you try a body shaper. Women have reported anywhere between a 1-3 inch reduction upon trying their shaper but results are not typical and will vary from person to person.

How should the body shapers feel when wearing it?

It should feel “fitted” with slight compression. It should NOT make you feel sick or breathless. If you are feeling any discomfort while wearing your body shaper, please stop using or wearing it.

How do I know when it is time to get a smaller size shaper?

It is time to size down when you are no longer feeling the compression or its loose fitting. The shaper must be tight in order to work. Slight compression tightness is what will support reshaping your body and enhance sweat.

I have never worn a body shaper, does it hurt?

It will be normal at first to feel discomfort in your waist, abdomen, and other areas in which you are using a body shaper until your body gets used to it. The pressure should not be harmful to the body and if you do ever feel abnormal pain, you should stop using it immediately.
Our advice is to listen to your body. Most of our success stories have been from women taking their time and working up their training efforts gradually. Giving their body a break when they need it and still getting great results over a matter of weeks.

How long should I wear my shaper for?

Depending on the type of trainer you purchase, we recommend that the first few days be limited to 1-2 hours per day. Gradually add an hour or two to your regime or until you are able to wear the shaper throughout the entire day. Make sure that you feel comfortable while wearing it, if you have any discomfort please discontinue.

Can I wear the shaper overnight?

Sleep plays an important role in your physical, emotional, and overall well-being. Your body does not need to be put under the pressure of the waist trainer while it is “recovering”. Therefore we would NOT recommend wearing the shaper overnight.

Is it okay to waist train during pregnancy and post-pregnancy?

Do NOT wear a shaper while pregnant. Body Shaping is a great way to speed up the post baby body process, however it is advised that you consult with a medical professional first prior to waist training post-pregnancy.

Do you offer free shipping and how long will it take to get my order?

We offer Standard Free Shipping on all orders. Allow up to 3-5 business working days for your order to be processed. Once your order is processed, allow up to (10-15 business days) for your order to be shipped.

I placed an order - what's next and when will I receive my products?

As soon as we receive your order, we will send you an order confirmation so you can be sure the payment went through and was successful. After your order was successful, we will start putting your order together.

I have not received an order confirmation email - what do I do?

In most cases you can find the order confirmation in your Junk or Spam inbox of your email account. Please make sure to check this before you are contacting our customer support.

I ordered the wrong size! What can I do?

If you have ordered the wrong size, please email our customer service team at In the subject line put URGENT SIZE CHANGE and we will do our best to change it for you but there is no guarantee.

How do I properly care for my body shaper?

Wash with lukewarm water with a little bit of shampoo, or mild detergent. Make sure you soak your body shaper a few good times in the water with the cleaning agent you decide to use and rinse the body shaper afterwards with cold water. Let the body shaper air dry on a drying rack, never place in dryer or it will get ruined.

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