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JJackie L
Verified Purchase

Fits true to size Normally the sizes are way off for waist trainers. This one fits true to size!! Its surprisingly comfortable as well!

Glenda T.
Verified Purchase

Amazing Great product! I'm so excited with this product I love the material and the style.I really recommend it.

Harmony M
Verified Purchase

What I think about the waist trainer I bought a waist trainer and I love it. I lost some weight just in 3 weeks. I’m glad I bought it cause I helps so well and it’s very flexible. I’ll advise other people to use it if they want to lose weight.

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SlimFitShapers™ Sizing Chart

Not all waist trainers are created equal. There is a tendency for us to want to order a size smaller than we should as the perception is, the tighter the trainer, the better. Size matters and when we say size, we are referring to your true size as measured in most instances by your waist and weight.

Please note, waist trainers tend to run small to begin with, because they are undergarments that are intended to tighten your waist unlike normal clothing that is supposed to fit snug. In most cases, you will find that the size you order according to the chart will be tight to begin with. For this reason, we recommend that you use the size recommendations provided with the charts associated with each of our products but the general chart outlined below can be used in most instances for many of the trainers we carry. You will find that many of our trainers come standard with 3 layered rows and hooks that allow you to adjust into your trainer for that perfect fit as well as the compression you are looking for.

When in doubt, always measure up! What do we mean? If you find yourself falling in between two sizes, and are unsure, always take the next size up or you will get yourself into a very uncomfortable fit and be discouraged in using your trainer, which is what we want to avoid.  
21"-23" XXS 95-105 lbs XS 106-115 lbs
24"-26" XS 106-115 lbs S 116-130 lbs
27"-29" S 116-130 lbs M 131-150 lbs
30"-32" M 131-150 lbs L 151-170 lbs
33"-35" L 151-170 lbs XL 171-190 lbs
36"-38" XL 171-190 lbs 2XL 191-210 lbs
39"-41" 2XL 191-210 lbs 3XL 211-230 lbs
42"-44" 3XL 211-230 lbs 4XL 231-250 lbs
45"-47" 4XL 231-250 lbs 5XL 251-270 lbs
48"-50" 5XL 251-270 lbs 6XL 271-290 lbs
51"-53" 6XL 271-290 lbs 6XL 291-309 lbs
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